About Deirdre

img_3661Deirdre is a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 25 years experience. She has worked in a number of settings including community care and intellectual disability.

Deirdre’s interest in Manual Lymphatic Drainage began when she trained as a certified manual lymphatic drainage therapist with the Vodder School in 2012. Since then she has been specialising in this area, becoming Senior Lymphoedema Therapist at the Mater Hospital Dublin in 2014 , and running her own sucessful Private Practice in this field. Deirdre endeavours to provide the best possible care to her patients. To this end she has attended numerous courses in this area including a biannual review of her skills with the Vodder school. Deirdre has also completed courses in img_4240Kinesiotaping for Lymphoedema and is a a Certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist [Pink Ribbon Programme].

Lymphoedema and the lymphatic system are topics which are given little atention in the education of Health Professionals, Deirdre has a particular interest in helping others understand more about this subject. She was involved in he organsation of the first National Conference on Lymphoedema at the Mater Hospital in Septemer 2015, and was one of the speakers at the Conference [see picture above]. She regularly lectures to trainee Breast Care Nurses at The Mater and has also lectured to Community Physiotherapists. A webinar on Lymphoedema for the Chartered Physiotherapists in Intellectual Disability was a recent new educational format.

Deirdre has a special interest in helping people manage their lymphoedema them selves with appropriate compression garments and is trained to prescribe and fit garments from a number of specialist companies, including Jobskin, Medi, Solidea, Juzo, and Jobst Elvarex.

Patients post cosmetic surgery such as Vaser Liposuction benefit from the reduction in post-op swelling and bruising which comes with Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Deirdre has extensive experience in treating people post abdominal and gynaecomastia liposuction.